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This is the documentation for an old version of boost. Click here for the latest Boost documentation.


Step by step instructions

  1. Create a new directory for the branch you want to test.
  2. Download the script into that directory.
  3. Run "python [options] [commands]".
commands: cleanup, collect-logs, get-source, get-tools, patch,
regression, setup, show-revision, test, test-clean, test-process,
test-run, update-source, upload-logs

   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
   --runner=RUNNER       runner ID (e.g. 'Metacomm')
   --comment=COMMENT     an HTML comment file to be inserted in the
   --tag=TAG             the tag for the results
   --toolsets=TOOLSETS   comma-separated list of toolsets to test with
   --incremental         do incremental run (do not remove previous
   --timeout=TIMEOUT     specifies the timeout, in minutes, for a single
                         test run/compilation
                         options to pass to the regression test
                         bootstrap toolset for 'bjam' executable
                         bootstrap toolset for 'process_jam_log'
   --user=USER           Boost SVN user ID
   --local=LOCAL         the name of the boost tarball
                         do an SVN update (if applicable) instead of a
                         clean checkout, even when performing a full run
                         do neither a tarball download nor an SVN update;
                         used primarily for testing script changes
   --proxy=PROXY         HTTP proxy server address and port
                         FTP proxy server (e.g. 'ftpproxy')
                         the dart server to send results to
                         debugging level; controls the amount of
                         debugging output printed
   --send-bjam-log       send full bjam log of the regression run
   --mail=MAIL           email address to send run notification to
                         STMP server address/login information, in the
                         following form:
                         do not run bjam; used for testing script changes

To test trunk use "--tag=trunk" (the default), and to test the release use "--tag=branches/release". Or substitute any Boost tree of your choice.

Copyright Rene Rivera, 2007
Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. See

Revised November 23, 2007