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Function template register_skeleton_and_content

boost::mpi::python::register_skeleton_and_content — Registers a type for use with the skeleton/content mechanism in Python.


// In header: <boost/mpi/python.hpp>

template<typename T> 
  void register_skeleton_and_content(const T & value = T(), 
                                     PyTypeObject * type = 0);


The skeleton/content mechanism can only be used from Python with C++ types that have previously been registered via a call to this function. Both the sender and the transmitter must register the type. It is permitted to call this function multiple times for the same type T, but only one call per process per type is required. The type T must be Serializable.



The Python type associated with the C++ type T. If not provided, it will be computed from the same value value.


A sample object of type T that will be used to determine the Python type associated with T, if type is not specified.