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Class value_semantic_codecvt_helper<char>



// In header: <boost/program_options/value_semantic.hpp>

class value_semantic_codecvt_helper<char> :
  public boost::program_options::value_semantic

  // private member functions
  void parse(boost::any &, const std::vector< std::string > &, bool) const;

  // protected member functions
  void xparse(boost::any &, const std::vector< std::string > &) const;


Helper conversion class for values that accept ascii strings as input. Overrides the 'parse' method and defines new 'xparse' method taking std::string. Depending on whether input to parse is ascii or UTF8, will pass it to xparse unmodified, or with UTF8->ascii conversion.

value_semantic_codecvt_helper private member functions

  1. void parse(boost::any & value_store, 
               const std::vector< std::string > & new_tokens, bool utf8) const;

    Parses a group of tokens that specify a value of option. Stores the result in 'value_store', using whatever representation is desired. May be be called several times if value of the same option is specified more than once.

value_semantic_codecvt_helper protected member functions

  1. void xparse(boost::any & value_store, 
                const std::vector< std::string > & new_tokens) const;