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BoostBook element function

function — Declares a function


function ::= (template?, type, parameter*, purpose?, description?, requires?, effects?, postconditions?, returns?, throws?, complexity?, notes?, rationale?)


BoostBook functions are documented by specifying the function's interface (e.g., its C++ signature) and its behavior. Constructors, destructors, member functions, and free functions all use the same documentation method, although the top-level tags differ.

The behavior of functions in BoostBook is documenting using a style similar to that of the C++ standard, with clauses describing the requirements, effects, postconditions, exception behavior, and return values of functions.

The following example illustrates some constructors and a destructor for boost::any. Note that one of the constructors takes a single parameter whose name is "other" and whose type, const any& is contained in the <paramtype> element; any number of parameters may be specified in this way.

<class name="any">

    <parameter name="other">
      <paramtype>const <classname>any</classname>&amp;</paramtype>

      <simpara> Copy constructor that copies
        content of <code>other</code> into the new instance,
        so that any content is equivalent in both type and value to the
        content of <code>other</code>, or empty if
        <code>other</code> is

      <simpara>May fail with a
        <classname>std::bad_alloc</classname> exception or any
        exceptions arising from the copy constructor of the
        contained type.

     <effects><simpara>Releases any and all resources used in
     management of instance.</simpara></effects>



Name Type Value Purpose
last-revision #IMPLIED CDATA Set to $Date: 2008-06-15 20:48:40 +0100 (Sun, 15 Jun 2008) $ to keep "last revised" information in sync with CVS changes
specifiers #IMPLIED CDATA The specifiers for this function, e.g., inline, static, etc.
name #REQUIRED CDATA The name of the element being declared to referenced
id #IMPLIED CDATA A global identifier for this element
xml:base #IMPLIED CDATA Implementation detail used by XIncludes