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Release Notes

Differences from version 1.37
Differences from version 1.35
Differences from version 1.34
Differences from version 1.33
Differences from version 1.32
Pending Issues
As of this is written, there are no known bugs. However, due to compiler/library quirks and or bugs, some tests fail with some combinations of compilers and libraries.


This library has been tested on Boost version 1.37.

Differences from Boost 1.36

There are no new features in this version. As of this writing, all bug reports filed as TRAK tickets have been addressed.

Differences from Boost 1.35

Differences from Boost 1.34

Differences from Boost 1.33

Differences from Boost 1.32

Pending issues

Aside from the above, there are a number of issues related to specific platforms. These are listed in Specific Compiler/Library Issues.

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