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Boost Pointer Container Library

Insert Iterators

When you work with normal value-based containers and algorithms, you often use insert iterators

std::list<int> coll1;
// ...
std::vector<int> coll2;
std::copy( coll1.begin(), coll1.end(),  
           back_inserter(coll2) ); 

With the special insert iterators for pointer containers, you can do exactly the same

boost::ptr_list<Base> coll1;
// ...
boost::ptr_vector<Base> coll2;
std::copy( coll1.begin(), coll1.end(),  
           boost::ptr_container::ptr_back_inserter(coll2) ); 

Each element is cloned and inserted into the container. Furthermore, if the source range iterates over pointers instead of references, NULL pointers can be transfered as well.



namespace boost
    namespace ptr_container
        template< class PtrContainer >
        class ptr_back_insert_iterator;
        template< class PtrContainer >
        class ptr_front_insert_iterator;
        template< class PtrContainer >
        class ptr_insert_iterator;
        template< class PtrContainer >
        ptr_back_inserter( PtrContainer& cont );
        template< class PtrContainer >
        ptr_front_inserter( PtrContainer& cont );
        template< class PtrContainer >
        ptr_inserter( PtrContainer& cont, typename PtrContainer::iterator before );
    } // namespace 'ptr_container'
} // namespace 'boost'  

Copyright:Thorsten Ottosen 2008. Use, modification and distribution is subject to the Boost Software License, Version 1.0 (see LICENSE_1_0.txt).