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//  scoped_enum_emulation.hpp  ---------------------------------------------------------//

//  Copyright Beman Dawes, 2009

//  Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
//  See

//  Generates C++0x scoped enums if the feature is present, otherwise emulates C++0x
//  scoped enums with C++03 namespaces and enums. The Boost.Config BOOST_NO_SCOPED_ENUMS
//  macro is used to detect feature support.
//  See for a
//  description of the scoped enum feature. Note that the committee changed the name
//  from strongly typed enum to scoped enum.  
//  Caution: only the syntax is emulated; the semantics are not emulated and
//  the syntax emulation doesn't include being able to specify the underlying
//  representation type.
//  The emulation is via struct rather than namespace to allow use within classes.
//  Thanks to Andrey Semashev for pointing that out.
//  Helpful comments and suggestions were also made by Kjell Elster, Phil Endecott,
//  Joel Falcou, Mathias Gaunard, Felipe Magno de Almeida, Matt Calabrese, Vincente
//  Botet, and Daniel James. 
//  Sample usage:
//     BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM_START(algae) { green, red, cyan }; BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM_END
//     ...
//     BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM(algae) sample( algae::red );
//     void foo( BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM(algae) color );
//     ...
//     sample = algae::green;
//     foo( algae::cyan );


#include <boost/config.hpp>


# define BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM_START(name) struct name { enum enum_t
# define BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM(name) name::enum_t


# define BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM_START(name) enum class name
# define BOOST_SCOPED_ENUM(name) name