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This class is an adapter that converts a list of EventVisitor's (constructed using std::pair) into a DijkstraVisitor.


This is an excerpt from examples/dave.cpp where the copy_graph single-event visitor is used to create a copy the shortest-paths search-tree calculated by Dijkstra's algorithm.
  (G, vertex(a, G), 
   distance_map(make_iterator_property_map(distance.begin(), vertex_id, distance[0])).
   predecessor_map(make_iterator_property_map(parent.begin(), vertex_id, parent[0])).
   visitor(make_dijkstra_visitor(copy_graph(G_copy, on_examine_edge()))));

Model of

Dijkstra Visitor

Template Parameters

EventVisitorList A list of EventVisitor's created with std::pair. null_visitor

Where Defined


Member Functions

This class implements all of the member functions required by DijkstraVisitor. In each function the appropriate event is dispatched to the EventVisitor's in the EventVisitorList.

Non-Member Functions

template <class EventVisitorList>
make_dijkstra_visitor(EventVisitorList ev_list);
Returns the event visitor list adapted to be a Dijkstra Visitor.

See Also

Visitor concepts

The following are event visitors: predecessor_recorder, distance_recorder time_stamper, and property_writer.

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