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Class invalid_syntax



// In header: <boost/program_options/errors.hpp>

class invalid_syntax : public boost::program_options::error {

  enum kind_t { long_not_allowed =  30, long_adjacent_not_allowed, 
                short_adjacent_not_allowed, empty_adjacent_parameter, 
                missing_parameter, extra_parameter, unrecognized_line };
  // construct/copy/destruct
  invalid_syntax(const std::string &, kind_t);

  // public member functions
  kind_t kind() const;
  const std::string & tokens() const;

  // protected static functions
  static std::string error_message(kind_t) ;


invalid_syntax public construct/copy/destruct

  1. invalid_syntax(const std::string & tokens, kind_t kind);
  2. ~invalid_syntax();

invalid_syntax public member functions

  1. kind_t kind() const;
  2. const std::string & tokens() const;

invalid_syntax protected static functions

  1. static std::string error_message(kind_t kind) ;

    Used to convert kind_t to a related error text