[Pixel Locator]

Detailed Description

Pixel locator models.


class  virtual_2d_locator
 A 2D locator over a virtual image. Upon dereferencing, invokes a given function object passing it its coordinates. Models: PixelLocatorConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept, HasDynamicYStepTypeConcept, HasTransposedTypeConcept. More...
class  pixel_2d_locator_base
 base class for models of PixelLocatorConcept

Pixel locator is similar to a pixel iterator, but allows for 2D navigation of pixels within an image view. It has a 2D difference_type and supports random access operations like: More...

class  memory_based_2d_locator
 Memory-based pixel locator. Models: PixelLocatorConcept,HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept,HasDynamicYStepTypeConcept,HasTransposedTypeConcept

The class takes a step iterator as a parameter. The step iterator provides navigation along the vertical axis while its base iterator provides horizontal navigation. More...

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