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#include <pixel.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename ChannelValue, typename Layout>
struct boost::gil::pixel< ChannelValue, Layout >

Represents a pixel value (a container of channels). Models: HomogeneousColorBaseValueConcept, PixelValueConcept, HomogeneousPixelBasedConcept.

A pixel is a set of channels defining the color at a given point in an image. Conceptually, a pixel is little more than a color base whose elements model ChannelConcept. The class pixel defines a simple, homogeneous pixel value. It is used to store the value of a color. The built-in C++ references to pixel, pixel& and const pixel& are used to represent a reference to a pixel inside an interleaved image view (a view in which all channels are together in memory). Similarly, built-in pointer types pixel* and const pixel* are used as the standard iterator over a row of interleaved homogeneous pixels.

Since pixel inherits the properties of color base, assigning, equality comparison and copy-construcion are allowed between compatible pixels. This means that an 8-bit RGB pixel may be assigned to an 8-bit BGR pixel, or to an 8-bit planar reference. The channels are properly paired semantically.

The single-channel (grayscale) instantiation of the class pixel, (i.e. pixel<T,gray_layout_t>) is also convertible to/from a channel value. This allows grayscale pixels to be used in simpler expressions like *gray_pix1 = *gray_pix2 instead of more complicated at_c<0>(gray_pix1) = at_c<0>(gray_pix2) or get_color<gray_color_t>(gray_pix1) = get_color<gray_color_t>(gray_pix2)

Public Types

typedef pixel value_type
typedef value_typereference
typedef const value_typeconst_reference

Public Member Functions

 BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT (bool, is_mutable=channel_traits< channel_t >::is_mutable)
 pixel (channel_t v)
 pixel (channel_t v0, channel_t v1)
 pixel (channel_t v0, channel_t v1, channel_t v2)
 pixel (channel_t v0, channel_t v1, channel_t v2, channel_t v3)
 pixel (channel_t v0, channel_t v1, channel_t v2, channel_t v3, channel_t v4)
 pixel (channel_t v0, channel_t v1, channel_t v2, channel_t v3, channel_t v4, channel_t v5)
 pixel (const pixel &p)
pixeloperator= (const pixel &p)
template<typename Pixel>
 pixel (const Pixel &p, typename enable_if_c< is_pixel< Pixel >::value >::type *dummy=0)
template<typename P>
pixeloperator= (const P &p)
template<typename P>
bool operator== (const P &p) const
template<typename P>
bool operator!= (const P &p) const
channel_traits< channel_t >
operator[] (std::size_t i)
channel_traits< channel_t >
operator[] (std::size_t i) const
pixeloperator= (channel_t chan)
bool operator== (channel_t chan) const

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