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Alignment Directives (left_align[], center[], right_align[])
Repetition Directive (repeat[])
Directives Controlling Automatic Delimiting (verbatim[], no_delimit[], delimit[])
Directives Controlling Case Sensitivity (upper[], lower[])
Controlling the Maximum Field Width (maxwidth[])
Temporary Output Buffering (buffer[])
Consume Attribute (omit[])
Separate Output Into Columns (columns[])

This module includes different generator directives. It includes alignment directives (left_align[], center[], and right_align[]), repetition (repeat[]), directives controlling automatic delimiting (verbatim[], no_delimit[], and delimit[]), controlling case sensitivity (upper[] and lower[]), field width (maxwidth[]), buffering (buffer[]), splitting into columns (columns[]) and attribute handling (omit[]).

Module Header
// forwards to <boost/spirit/home/karma/directive.hpp>
#include <boost/spirit/include/karma_directive.hpp>

Also, see Include Structure.