virtual_2d_locator Class Template Reference

#include <virtual_locator.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename Deref, bool IsTransposed>
class boost::gil::virtual_2d_locator< Deref, IsTransposed >

A 2D locator over a virtual image. Upon dereferencing, invokes a given function object passing it its coordinates. Models: PixelLocatorConcept, HasDynamicXStepTypeConcept, HasDynamicYStepTypeConcept, HasTransposedTypeConcept.

Public Types

typedef pixel_2d_locator_base
< virtual_2d_locator< Deref,
IsTransposed >
, position_iterator< Deref,
IsTransposed >
, position_iterator< Deref,
1-IsTransposed > > 
typedef virtual_2d_locator
< typename Deref::const_t,
IsTransposed > 
typedef Deref deref_fn_t
typedef parent_t::point_t point_t
typedef parent_t::coord_t coord_t
typedef parent_t::x_coord_t x_coord_t
typedef parent_t::y_coord_t y_coord_t
typedef parent_t::x_iterator x_iterator
typedef parent_t::y_iterator y_iterator

Public Member Functions

 virtual_2d_locator (const point_t &p=point_t(0, 0), const point_t &step=point_t(1, 1), const deref_fn_t &d=deref_fn_t())
template<typename D, bool TR>
 virtual_2d_locator (const virtual_2d_locator< D, TR > &loc, coord_t y_step)
template<typename D, bool TR>
 virtual_2d_locator (const virtual_2d_locator< D, TR > &loc, coord_t x_step, coord_t y_step, bool transpose=false)
template<typename D, bool TR>
 virtual_2d_locator (const virtual_2d_locator< D, TR > &pl)
 virtual_2d_locator (const virtual_2d_locator &pl)
bool operator== (const this_t &p) const
x_iterator & x ()
y_iterator & y ()
x_iterator const & x () const
y_iterator const & y () const
y_coord_t y_distance_to (const this_t &it2, x_coord_t xDiff) const
bool is_1d_traversable (x_coord_t) const
const point_tpos () const
const point_tstep () const
const deref_fn_t & deref_fn () const


class virtual_2d_locator

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