MemoryBasedIteratorConcept Struct Template Reference

#include <gil_concept.hpp>

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template<typename Iterator>
struct boost::gil::MemoryBasedIteratorConcept< Iterator >

Concept of a random-access iterator that can be advanced in memory units (bytes or bits).

concept MemoryBasedIteratorConcept<boost_concepts::RandomAccessTraversalConcept Iterator> {
    typename byte_to_memunit<Iterator>; where metafunction<byte_to_memunit<Iterator> >;
    std::ptrdiff_t      memunit_step(const Iterator&);
    std::ptrdiff_t      memunit_distance(const Iterator& , const Iterator&);
    void                memunit_advance(Iterator&, std::ptrdiff_t diff);
    Iterator            memunit_advanced(const Iterator& p, std::ptrdiff_t diff) { Iterator tmp; memunit_advance(tmp,diff); return tmp; }
    Iterator::reference memunit_advanced_ref(const Iterator& p, std::ptrdiff_t diff) { return *memunit_advanced(p,diff); }

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void constraints ()

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