PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept Struct Template Reference

#include <gil_concept.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename D>
struct boost::gil::PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept< D >

Represents a unary function object that can be invoked upon dereferencing a pixel iterator.

DEREFERENCE ADAPTOR CONCEPTS This can perform an arbitrary computation, such as color conversion or table lookup

concept PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept<boost::UnaryFunctionConcept D>
  : DefaultConstructibleConcept<D>, CopyConstructibleConcept<D>, AssignableConcept<D>  {
    typename const_t;         where PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept<const_t>;
    typename value_type;      where PixelValueConcept<value_type>;
    typename reference;         // may be mutable
    typename const_reference;   // must not be mutable
    static const bool D::is_mutable;

    where Convertible<value_type,result_type>;

Public Member Functions

void constraints ()

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