RandomAccess2DImageViewConcept Struct Template Reference

#include <gil_concept.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename View>
struct boost::gil::RandomAccess2DImageViewConcept< View >

2-dimensional view over immutable values

concept RandomAccess2DImageViewConcept<RandomAccessNDImageViewConcept View> {
    where num_dimensions==2;

    typename x_iterator = axis<0>::iterator;
    typename y_iterator = axis<1>::iterator;
    typename x_coord_t  = axis<0>::coord_t;
    typename y_coord_t  = axis<1>::coord_t;
    typename xy_locator = locator;
    x_coord_t View::width()  const;
    y_coord_t View::height() const;
    // X-navigation
    x_iterator View::x_at(const point_t&) const;
    x_iterator View::row_begin(y_coord_t) const;
    x_iterator View::row_end  (y_coord_t) const;

    // Y-navigation
    y_iterator View::y_at(const point_t&) const;
    y_iterator View::col_begin(x_coord_t) const;
    y_iterator View::col_end  (x_coord_t) const;
    // navigating in 2D
    xy_locator View::xy_at(const point_t&) const;

    // (x,y) versions of all methods taking point_t    
    View::View(x_coord_t,y_coord_t,const locator&);
    iterator View::at(x_coord_t,y_coord_t) const;
    reference operator()(View,x_coord_t,y_coord_t) const;
    xy_locator View::xy_at(x_coord_t,y_coord_t) const;
    x_iterator View::x_at(x_coord_t,y_coord_t) const;
    y_iterator View::y_at(x_coord_t,y_coord_t) const;

Public Member Functions

void constraints ()

Public Attributes

View view

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