RandomAccessNDLocatorConcept Struct Template Reference

#include <gil_concept.hpp>

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template<typename Loc>
struct boost::gil::RandomAccessNDLocatorConcept< Loc >

N-dimensional locator over immutable values.

concept RandomAccessNDLocatorConcept<Regular Loc> {    
    typename value_type;        // value over which the locator navigates
    typename reference;         // result of dereferencing
    typename difference_type; where PointNDConcept<difference_type>; // return value of operator-.
    typename const_t;           // same as Loc, but operating over immutable values
    typename cached_location_t; // type to store relative location (for efficient repeated access)
    typename point_t  = difference_type;
    static const size_t num_dimensions; // dimensionality of the locator
    where num_dimensions = point_t::num_dimensions;
    // The difference_type and iterator type along each dimension. The iterators may only differ in 
    // difference_type. Their value_type must be the same as Loc::value_type
    template <size_t D> struct axis {
        typename coord_t = point_t::axis<D>::coord_t;
        typename iterator; where RandomAccessTraversalConcept<iterator>; // iterator along D-th axis.
        where iterator::value_type == value_type;

    // Defines the type of a locator similar to this type, except it invokes Deref upon dereferencing
    template <PixelDereferenceAdaptorConcept Deref> struct add_deref {
        typename type;        where RandomAccessNDLocatorConcept<type>;
        static type make(const Loc& loc, const Deref& deref);
    Loc& operator+=(Loc&, const difference_type&);
    Loc& operator-=(Loc&, const difference_type&);
    Loc operator+(const Loc&, const difference_type&);
    Loc operator-(const Loc&, const difference_type&);
    reference operator*(const Loc&);
    reference operator[](const Loc&, const difference_type&);
    // Storing relative location for faster repeated access and accessing it   
    cached_location_t Loc::cache_location(const difference_type&) const;
    reference operator[](const Loc&,const cached_location_t&);
    // Accessing iterators along a given dimension at the current location or at a given offset
    template <size_t D> axis<D>::iterator&       Loc::axis_iterator();
    template <size_t D> axis<D>::iterator const& Loc::axis_iterator() const;
    template <size_t D> axis<D>::iterator        Loc::axis_iterator(const difference_type&) const;

Public Member Functions

void constraints ()

Public Attributes

Loc loc

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