binary_operation_obj Struct Template Reference
[STL-like Algorithms]

#include <algorithm.hpp>

Inherited by copy_and_convert_pixels_fn, copy_pixels_fn, and equal_pixels_fn.

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Detailed Description

template<typename Derived, typename Result = void>
struct boost::gil::binary_operation_obj< Derived, Result >

A generic binary operation on views

Use this class as a convenience superclass when defining an operation for any image views. Many operations have different behavior when the two views are compatible. This class checks for compatibility and invokes apply_compatible(V1,V2) or apply_incompatible(V1,V2) of the subclass. You must provide apply_compatible(V1,V2) method in your subclass, but apply_incompatible(V1,V2) is not required and the default throws std::bad_cast.

Public Types

typedef Result result_type

Public Member Functions

template<typename V1, typename V2>
GIL_FORCEINLINE result_type operator() (const std::pair< const V1 *, const V2 * > &p) const
template<typename V1, typename V2>
GIL_FORCEINLINE result_type operator() (const V1 &v1, const V2 &v2) const
result_type operator() (const error_t &) const

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