packed_pixel_type Struct Template Reference

#include <metafunctions.hpp>

Inherited by pixel_value_type< packed_channel_value< NumBits >, Layout >.

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Detailed Description

template<typename BitField, typename ChannelBitSizeVector, typename Layout>
struct boost::gil::packed_pixel_type< BitField, ChannelBitSizeVector, Layout >

Returns the type of a packed pixel given its bitfield type, the bit size of its channels and its layout.

A packed pixel has channels that cover bit ranges but itself is byte aligned. RGB565 pixel is an example.

The size of ChannelBitSizeVector must equal the number of channels in the given layout The sum of bit sizes for all channels must be less than or equal to the number of bits in BitField (and cannot exceed 64). If it is less than the number of bits in BitField, the last bits will be unused.

Public Types

typedef packed_pixel< BitField,
< BitField,
ChannelBitSizeVector >::type,
Layout > 

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