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All math functions and distributions are in namespace boost::math

So, for example, the Students-t distribution template in namespace boost::math is

template <class RealType> class students_t_distribution

and can be instantiated with the help of the reserved name students_t(for RealType double)

typedef students_t_distribution<double> students_t;

student_t mydist(10);
[Note] Note

Some distribution names are also used in std random library, so to avoid the risk of ambiguity it is better to make explicit using declarations, for example: using boost::math::students_t_distribution

Functions not intended for use by applications are in boost::math::detail.

Functions that may have more general use, like digits (significand), max_value, min_value and epsilon are in boost::math::tools.

Policy and configuration information is in namespace boost::math::policies.