ColorBasesCompatibleConcept Struct Template Reference

#include <gil_concept.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename ColorBase1, typename ColorBase2>
struct boost::gil::ColorBasesCompatibleConcept< ColorBase1, ColorBase2 >

Two color bases are compatible if they have the same color space and their elements are compatible, semantic-pairwise.

concept ColorBasesCompatibleConcept<ColorBaseConcept C1, ColorBaseConcept C2> {
    where SameType<C1::layout_t::color_space_t, C2::layout_t::color_space_t>;
    // also, for all K in [0 ... size<C1>::value):
    //     where Convertible<kth_semantic_element_type<C1,K>::type, kth_semantic_element_type<C2,K>::type>;
    //     where Convertible<kth_semantic_element_type<C2,K>::type, kth_semantic_element_type<C1,K>::type>;

Public Member Functions

void constraints ()

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