scoped_channel_value Struct Template Reference

#include <channel.hpp>

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Detailed Description

template<typename BaseChannelValue, typename MinVal, typename MaxVal>
struct boost::gil::scoped_channel_value< BaseChannelValue, MinVal, MaxVal >

A channel adaptor that modifies the range of the source channel. Models: ChannelValueConcept.

Public Types

typedef scoped_channel_value value_type
typedef value_typereference
typedef value_typepointer
typedef const value_typeconst_reference
typedef const value_typeconst_pointer

Public Member Functions

 BOOST_STATIC_CONSTANT (bool, is_mutable=channel_traits< BaseChannelValue >::is_mutable)
 scoped_channel_value (const scoped_channel_value &c)
 scoped_channel_value (BaseChannelValue val)
scoped_channel_valueoperator++ ()
scoped_channel_valueoperator-- ()
scoped_channel_value operator++ (int)
scoped_channel_value operator-- (int)
template<typename Scalar2>
scoped_channel_valueoperator+= (Scalar2 v)
template<typename Scalar2>
scoped_channel_valueoperator-= (Scalar2 v)
template<typename Scalar2>
scoped_channel_valueoperator*= (Scalar2 v)
template<typename Scalar2>
scoped_channel_valueoperator/= (Scalar2 v)
scoped_channel_valueoperator= (BaseChannelValue v)
 operator BaseChannelValue () const

Static Public Member Functions

static value_type min_value ()
static value_type max_value ()

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