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Note: This class is deprecated. Please use char_separator instead.

Char Delimiters Separator

template <class Char, class Traits = std::char_traits<Char> >
class char_delimiters_separator{

The char_delimiters_separator class is an implementation of the TokenizerFunction concept that can be used to break text up into tokens. It is the default TokenizerFunction for tokenizer and token_iterator_generator. An example is below.


// simple_example_4.cpp

int main(){
   using namespace std;
   using namespace boost;
   string s = "This is,  a test";
   tokenizer<char_delimiters_separator<char> > tok(s);
   for(tokenizer<char_delimiters_separator<char> >::iterator beg=tok.begin(); beg!=tok.end();++beg){
       cout << *beg << "\n";

Construction and Usage

There is one constructor of interest. It is as follows

explicit char_delimiters_separator(bool return_delims = false, 
const Char* returnable = "",const Char* nonreturnable = "" )



return_delims Whether or not to return the delimiters that have been found. Note that not all delimiters can be returned. See the other two parameters for explanation.
returnable This specifies the returnable delimiters. These are the delimiters that can be returned as tokens when return_delims is true. Since these are typically punctuation, if a 0 is provided as the argument, then the returnable delmiters will be all characters Cfor which std::ispunct(C) yields a true value. If an argument of "" is provided, then this is taken to mean that there are noreturnable delimiters.
nonreturnable This specifies the nonreturnable delimiters. These are delimiters that cannot be returned as tokens. Since these are typically whitespace, if 0 is specified as an argument, then the nonreturnable delimiters will be all characters C for which std::isspace(C) yields a true value. If an argument of "" is provided, then this is taken to mean that there are no non-returnable delimiters.

The reason there is a distinction between nonreturnable and returnable delimiters is that some delimiters are just used to split up tokens and are nothing more. Take for example the following string "b c +". Assume you are writing a simple calculator to parse expression in post fix notation. While both the space and the + separate tokens, you only only interested in the + and not in the space. Indeed having the space returned as a token would only complicate your code. In this case you would specify + as a returnable, and space as a nonreturnable delimiter.

To use this class, pass an object of it anywhere a TokenizerFunction object is required.

Template Parameters

Parameter Description
Char The type of the elements within a token, typically char.
Traits The traits class for Char, typically std::char_traits<Char>

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