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//  (C) Copyright David Abrahams 2000.
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See
// accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at
//  The author gratefully acknowleges the support of Dragon Systems, Inc., in
//  producing this work.

#ifndef ERRORS_DWA052500_H_
# define ERRORS_DWA052500_H_

# include <boost/python/detail/prefix.hpp>
# include <boost/function/function0.hpp>

namespace boost { namespace python {

struct BOOST_PYTHON_DECL_EXCEPTION error_already_set
  virtual ~error_already_set();

// Handles exceptions caught just before returning to Python code.
// Returns true iff an exception was caught.
BOOST_PYTHON_DECL bool handle_exception_impl(function0<void>);

template <class T>
bool handle_exception(T f)
    return handle_exception_impl(function0<void>(boost::ref(f)));

namespace detail { inline void rethrow() { throw; } }

inline void handle_exception()

BOOST_PYTHON_DECL void throw_error_already_set();

template <class T>
inline T* expect_non_null(T* x)
    if (x == 0)
    return x;

// Return source if it is an instance of pytype; throw an appropriate
// exception otherwise.
BOOST_PYTHON_DECL PyObject* pytype_check(PyTypeObject* pytype, PyObject* source);

}} // namespace boost::python

#endif // ERRORS_DWA052500_H_