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Chapter 8. Version history

Table of Contents

From V2.20 to V2.21 (Boost 1.47)
From V2.12 to V2.20 (Boost 1.46)
From V2.10 to V2.12 (Boost 1.45)
From V2.0 to V2.12 (Boost 1.44)

From V2.20 to V2.21 (Boost 1.47)

  • Added a stop() method in the back-end.

  • Added partial support for Boost.Phoenix functors in eUML

  • Added the possibility to choose when state switching occurs.

  • Bugfixes

    • Trac 5117, 5253, 5533, 5573

    • gcc warnings about unused variables

    • better implemenation of favor_compile_time back-end policy

    • bug with eUML and state construction

    • incorrect eUML event and state macros

    • incorrect event type passed to a direct entry state's on_entry action

    • more examples