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Public Member Functions

boost::locale::date_time_period_set Class Reference
[Date, Time, Timezone and Calendar manipulations]

this class that represents a set of periods, More...

#include <boost/locale/date_time.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 date_time_period_set ()
 date_time_period_set (period::period_type f)
 date_time_period_set (date_time_period const &fl)
void add (date_time_period f)
size_t size () const
date_time_period const & operator[] (size_t n) const

Detailed Description

this class that represents a set of periods,

It is generally created by operations on periods: 1995*year + 3*month + 1*day. Note: operations are not commutative.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

boost::locale::date_time_period_set::date_time_period_set (  )  [inline]

Default constructor - empty set

boost::locale::date_time_period_set::date_time_period_set ( period::period_type  f  )  [inline]

Create a set of single period with value 1

boost::locale::date_time_period_set::date_time_period_set ( date_time_period const &  fl  )  [inline]

Create a set of single period fl

Member Function Documentation

void boost::locale::date_time_period_set::add ( date_time_period  f  )  [inline]

Append date_time_period f to the set

date_time_period const& boost::locale::date_time_period_set::operator[] ( size_t  n  )  const [inline]

Get item at position n the set, n should be in range [0,size)

size_t boost::locale::date_time_period_set::size (  )  const [inline]

Get number if items in list

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