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Namespace List

Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
boost::localeThis is the main namespace that encloses all localization classes
boost::locale::asThis namespace includes all manipulators that can be used on IO streams
boost::locale::boundaryThis namespae contains all operations required for boundary analysis of text
boost::locale::flagsThis namespace holds additional formatting flags that can be set using ios_info
boost::locale::gnu_gettextThis namespace holds classes that provide GNU Gettext message catalogs support
boost::locale::periodNamespace that contains various types for manipulation with dates
boost::locale::period::marksThis namespace holds a enum of various period types like era, year, month, etc.
boost::locale::time_zoneNamespace that holds functions for operating with global time zone
boost::locale::utfNamespace that holds basic operations on UTF encoded sequences
boost::locale::utilThis namespace provides various utility function useful for Boost.Locale backends implementations