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Release Notes

Boost 1.53 Release
Boost 1.51 Release
Boost 1.49 Release
Boost 1.48 Release
Boost 1.46 Release
Boost 1.45 Release
Boost 1.40 Release
Boost 1.39 Release
Boost 1.38 Release
Boost 1.37 Release
Boost 1.36 Release
  • Fixed bugs #7174, #7529, #7815.
  • Fixed GCC -Wshadow warnings.
  • Added missing explicit keyword in several intrusive container constructors.
  • Replaced deprecated BOOST_NO_XXXX with newer BOOST_NO_CXX11_XXX macros.
  • Small documentation fixes.
  • Code cleanup in tree_algorithms.hpp and avl_tree_algorithms.hpp
  • Fixed bug #3164.
  • New treap-based containers: treap, treap_set, treap_multiset.
  • Corrected compilation bug for Windows-based 64 bit compilers.
  • Corrected exception-safety bugs in container constructors.
  • Updated documentation to show rvalue-references functions instead of emulation functions.
  • Intrusive now takes advantage of compilers with variadic templates.
  • clone_from functions now copy predicates and hash functions of associative containers.
  • Added incremental hashing to unordered containers via incremental<> option.
  • Update some function parameters from iterator to const_iterator in containers to keep up with the draft of the next standard.
  • Added an option to specify include files for intrusive configurable assertion macros.
  • Added linear<> and cache_last<> options to singly linked lists.
  • Added optimize_multikey<> option to unordered container hooks.
  • Optimized unordered containers when store_hash option is used in the hook.
  • Implementation changed to be exception agnostic so that it can be used in environments without exceptions.
  • Added container_from_iterator function to tree-based containers.