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The following features will be included in next releases.

  1. Complete the C++11 missing features, in particular
    • #7285 C++11 compliance: Allow to pass movable arguments for call_once.
    • #6227 C++11 compliance: Use of variadic templates on Generic Locking Algorithms on compilers providing them.
  2. Add some of the extension proposed in A Standardized Representation of Asynchronous Operations, in particular
    • #7589 Synchro: Add polymorphic lockables.
    • #7449 Synchro: Add a synchronized value class.
    • #7445 Async: Add future<>.then.
    • #7446 Async: Add when_any.
    • #7447 Async: Add when_all.
    • #7448 Async: Add async taking a scheduler parameter.