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Chapter 4.  Performance / Compilers

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Executable size
Supported compilers
Compilers corner

Tests were made on different PCs running Windows XP and Vista and compiled with VC9 SP1 or Ubuntu and compiled with g++ 4.2 and 4.3. For these tests, the same player state machine was written using Boost.Statechart, as a state machine with only simple states and as a state machine with a composite state. The same simple and composite state machines are implemented with MSM with a standard frontend (simple)(composite), the simple one also with functors and with eUML. As these simple machines need no terminate/interrupt states, no message queue and have no-throw guarantee on their actions, the MSM state machines are defined with minimum functionality. Test machine is a Q6600 2.4GHz, Vista 64.



  • The simple test completes 90 times faster with MSM than with Boost.Statechart

  • The composite test completes 25 times faster with MSM

gcc 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 8.04 in VMWare, same PC):

  • The simple test completes 46 times faster with MSM

  • The composite test completes 19 times faster with Msm