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Chapter 7. Acknowledgements

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MSM v2
MSM v1

I am in debt to the following people who helped MSM along the way.

MSM v2

  • Thanks to Dave Abrahams for managing the review

  • Thanks to Eric Niebler for his patience correcting my grammar errors

  • Special thanks to Joel de Guzman who gave me very good ideas at the BoostCon09. These ideas were the starting point of the redesign. Any time again, Joel ☺

  • Thanks to Richard O’Hara for making Green Hills bring a patch in less than 1 week, thus adding one more compiler to the supported list.

  • Big thanks to those who took the time to write a review: Franz Alt, David Bergman, Michael Caisse, Barend Gehrels, Darryl Greene, Juraj Ivancic, Erik Nelson, Kenny Riddile.

  • Thanks to Matt Calabrese, Juraj Ivancic, Adam Merz and Joseph Wu for reporting bugs.

  • Thanks to Thomas Mistretta for providing an addition to the section "What do you actually do inside actions / guards".