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Read/Write Property Map

A Read/Write Property Map can be used to read property values via the get() function and can be used to write property values via the put() function.

Refinement of

Readable Property Map and Writable Property Map


PMap A type that is a model of Read/Write Property Map.

Associated Types

Property Map Category boost::property_traits<PMap>::category The category of the property map must be a type convertible to read_write_property_map_tag.

Concept Checking Class

  template <class PMap, class Key>
  struct ReadWritePropertyMapConcept
    typedef typename property_traits<PMap>::category Category;
    typedef boost::read_write_property_map_tag ReadWriteTag;
    void constraints() {
      function_requires< ReadablePropertyMapConcept<PMap, Key> >();
      function_requires< WritablePropertyMapConcept<PMap, Key> >();
      function_requires< ConvertibleConcept<Category, ReadWriteTag> >();

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