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Function join

The intention of the join function is to join two ranges into one longer range.

The resultant range will have the lowest common traversal of the two ranges supplied as parameters.

Note that the joined range incurs a performance cost due to the need to check if the end of a range has been reached internally during traversal.


template<typename SinglePassRange1, typename SinglePassRange2>
joined_range<const SinglePassRange1, const SinglePassRange2>
join(const SinglePassRange1& rng1, const SinglePassRange2& rng2)

template<typename SinglePassRange1, typename SinglePassRange2>
joined_range<SinglePassRange1, SinglePassRange2>
join(SinglePassRange1& rng1, SinglePassRange2& rng2);

For the const version:

For the mutable version:


The expression join(irange(0,5), irange(5,10)) would evaluate to a range representing an integer range [0,10)