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Function template visit_each

boost::visit_each — Allow limited exploration of class members.


// In header: <boost/visit_each.hpp>

template<typename Visitor, typename T> 
  void visit_each(const Visitor& visitor, const T& t, int);


The visit_each mechanism allows a visitor to be applied to every subobject in a given object. It is used by the Signals library to discover signals::trackable objects within a function object, but other uses may surface if used universally (e.g., conservative garbage collection). To fit within the visit_each framework, a visit_each overload must be supplied for each object type.


visitor(t), and for every subobject x of t:

  • If x is a reference, visit_each(visitor, ref(x), 0)

  • Otherwise, visit_each(visitor, x, 0)


The third parameter is long for the fallback version of visit_each and the argument supplied to this third paramter must always be 0. The third parameter is an artifact of the widespread lack of proper function template ordering, and will be removed in the future.

Library authors will be expected to add additional overloads that specialize the T argument for their classes, so that subobjects can be visited.

Calls to visit_each are required to be unqualified, to enable argument-dependent lookup.