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Formatting Support

Numeric Base (bin, oct, dec, hex)
Field Width, Fill Character and Adjustment
Leading Whitespace Characters
Floating-Point Precision

#include <boost/convert.hpp>
#include <boost/convert/strtol.hpp>

using std::string;
using std::wstring;
using boost::convert;

namespace cnv = boost::cnv;
namespace arg = boost::cnv::parameter;

boost::cnv::strtol cnv;

BOOST_TEST( "11111110" == convert< string>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::bin)).value());
BOOST_TEST(      "254" == convert< string>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::dec)).value());
BOOST_TEST(       "FE" == convert< string>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::hex)).value());
BOOST_TEST(      "376" == convert< string>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::oct)).value());

BOOST_TEST(L"11111110" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::bin)).value());
BOOST_TEST(     L"254" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::dec)).value());
BOOST_TEST(      L"FE" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::hex)).value());
BOOST_TEST(     L"376" == convert<wstring>(254, cnv(arg::base = cnv::base::oct)).value());