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Header <boost/test/unit_test_parameters.hpp>

Provides access to various Unit Test Framework runtime parameters.

Primarily for use by the framework itself

namespace boost {
  namespace unit_test {
    namespace runtime_config {
      void init(int & argc, char ** argv);

      // Automatically attach debugger in a location of fatal error. 
      bool auto_start_dbg();
      const_string break_exec_path();

      // Should we catch system errors/sygnals? 
      bool catch_sys_errors();

      // Should we try to produce color output? 
      bool color_output();

      // Should we detect floating point exceptions? 
      bool detect_fp_exceptions();

      // Should we detect memory leaks (>0)? And if yes, which specific memory allocation should we break. 
      long detect_memory_leaks();

      // List content of test tree? 
      output_format list_content();

      // List available labels? 
      bool list_labels();

      // Which output format to use. 
      output_format log_format();

      // Which log level to set. 
      unit_test::log_level log_level();

      // Where to direct log stream into. 
      std::ostream * log_sink();

      // If memory leak detection, where to direct the report. 
      const_string memory_leaks_report_file();

      // Do not prodce result code. 
      bool no_result_code();

      // Random seed to use to randomize order of test units being run. 
      unsigned random_seed();

      // Which format to use to report results. 
      output_format report_format();

      // Wht lever of report format to set. 
      unit_test::report_level report_level();

      // Where to direct results report into. 
      std::ostream * report_sink();

      // Should we save pattern (true) or match against existing pattern (used by output validation tool) 
      bool save_pattern();

      // Should Unit Test framework show the build information? 
      bool show_build_info();

      // Tells Unit Test Framework to show test progress (forces specific log level) 
      bool show_progress();

      // Specific test units to run/exclude. 
      std::list< std::string > const & test_to_run();

      // Should execution monitor use alternative stack for signal handling. 
      bool use_alt_stack();

      // Tells Unit Test Framework to wait for debugger to attach. 
      bool wait_for_debugger();