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Release Notes

Boost 1.60 Release
Boost 1.59 Release
Boost 1.58 Release
Boost 1.57 Release
Boost 1.56 Release
Boost 1.55 Release
Boost 1.54 Release
Boost 1.53 Release
Boost 1.51 Release
Boost 1.49 Release
*  Changed `unique_ptr`'s converting constructor taking the source by value in C++03 compilers to allow simple conversions
   from convertible types returned by value.
*  Fixed bug:
   * [@ Trac #11229: ['"vector incorrectly copies move-only objects using memcpy"]],
   * [@ Trac #11510: ['"unique_ptr: -Wshadow warning issued"]],
  • Better header segregation (bug #6524).
  • Small documentation fixes
  • Replaced deprecated BOOST_NO_XXXX with newer BOOST_NO_CXX11_XXX macros.
  • Fixed #7830, #7832.