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Parameter run_test allows to filter which test units to execute during testing. The Unit Test Framework supports both "selection filters", which allow to select which test units to enable from the set of available test units, and "disabler filters", which allow to disable some test units. The Unit Test Framework also supports enabling/disabling test units at compile time. These settings identify the default set of test units to run. Parameter run_test is used to change this default. This parameter is repeatable, so you can specify more than one filter if necessary.

More details about practical application of this parameter resides in test unit filtering section.

Acceptable values

String value representing single filter. The following grammar productions describe the syntax of filters:

filter        ::= relative_spec? test_set
relative_spec ::= '+' | '!'
test_set      ::= label | path
label         ::= '@' identifier
path          ::= (suite '/')? patern_list
patern_list   ::= (pattern ',')* pattern
suite         ::= (pattern '/')* pattern
pattern       ::= '*'? identifier '*'?

Regarding the meaning of these values see here.

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