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Class permissions



// In header: <boost/interprocess/permissions.hpp>

class permissions {
  // construct/copy/destruct

  // public member functions
  void set_default();
  void set_unrestricted();
  void set_permissions(os_permissions_type);
  os_permissions_type get_permissions() const;


The permissions class represents permissions to be set to shared memory or files, that can be constructed form usual permission representations: a SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES pointer in windows or ORed rwx chmod integer in UNIX.

permissions public construct/copy/destruct

  1. permissions(os_permissions_type type);

    Constructs a permissions object from a user provided os-dependent permissions.

  2. permissions();

    Constructs a default permissions object: A null security attributes pointer for windows or 0644 for UNIX.

permissions public member functions

  1. void set_default();

    Sets permissions to default values: A null security attributes pointer for windows or 0644 for UNIX.

  2. void set_unrestricted();

    Sets permissions to unrestricted access: A null DACL for windows or 0666 for UNIX.

  3. void set_permissions(os_permissions_type perm);

    Sets permissions from a user provided os-dependent permissions.

  4. os_permissions_type get_permissions() const;

    Returns stored os-dependent permissions