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The IteratorConstructibleGraph concept describes the interface for graph types that can be constructed using a kind of edge iterator. The edge iterator can be any InputIterator that dereferences to a pair of integers (i,j), which represent an edge that should be in the graph. The two integers i and j represent vertices where 0 <= i < |V| and 0 <= j < |V|. The edge iterator's value type should be std::pair<T,T> (or at least be a structure that has members first and second) and the value type T of the pair must be convertible to the vertices_size_type of the graph (an integer). There are two valid expressions required by this concept, both of which are constructors. The first creates a graph object from a first/last iterator range. The second constructor also takes a first/last iterator range and in addition requires the number of vertices and number of edges. For some graph and edge iterator types the second constructor can be more efficient than the first.


The following exampe creates two graph objects from an array of edges (vertex pairs). The type Edge* satisfies the requirements for an InputIterator and can therefore be used to construct a graph.
  typedef ... IteratorConstructibleGraph;
  typedef boost::graph_traits Traits;

  typedef std::pair Edge;
  Edge edge_array[] =
    { Edge(0,1), Edge(0,2), Edge(0,3), Edge(0,4), Edge(0,5),
      Edge(1, 2), Edge(1,5), Edge(1,3),
      Edge(2, 4), Edge(2,5),
      Edge(3, 2), 
      Edge(4, 3), Edge(4,1),
      Edge(5, 4) };
  Edge* first = edge_array,
    last = edge_array + sizeof(edge_array)/sizeof(Edge);

  IteratorConstructibleGraph G1(first, last);
  // do something with G1 ...
  Traits::vertices_size_type size_V = 6;
  Traits::edges_size_type size_E = sizeof(edge_array)/sizeof(Edge);
  IteratorConstructibleGraph G2(first, last, size_V, size_E);
  // do something with G2 ...

Refinement of



G is a graph type that models IteratorConstructibleGraph.
g is an object of type G.
first, last are edge iterators (see above).
Tr is an object of type graph_traits<G>.
n_vertices is an object of type Tr::vertices_size_type.
n_edges is an object of type Tr::edges_size_type.

Valid Expressions

G g(first, last);
Construct graph object g given an edge range [first,last).
G g(first, last, n_vertices, n_edges);
Construct graph object g given an edge range [first,last), the number of vertices, and the number of edges. Sometimes this constructor is more efficient than the constructor lacking the graph size information.

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