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A Property Tag is a type used to name or identify properties that are attached to the vertices and edges of a graph. A Property type is not the type of the actual property values. Objects of the Property type are not used except to carry the type information which specifies the property. See the section about Custom Edge Properties for a description of how to define your own property tags.

Associated Types

Property Kind property_kind<PropertyTag>::type This specifies whether the property is a Vertex Property Tag (vertex_property_tag), an Edge Property Tag (edge_property_tag), or a Graph Property Tag which is attached to the graph object itself (graph_property_tag). The tags are defined in boost/graph/properties.hpp. The property_kind traits class is defined in boost/pending/property.hpp.
Property ID Number property_num<PropertyTag>::value This is needed as a workaround when using compilers that do not support partial specialization (and hence prevent us from using boost::is_same to detect if two property tags are the same). The property_num traits class is defined in boost/pending/property.hpp.

Refinement of

Default Constructible


The following models of the Property Tag concept are defined in boost/graph/properties.hpp.

See Also

PropertyGraph and Property Map Concepts


On compilers that do not support partial specialization, each Property type is also required to specialize property_num<PropertyTag> to contain an enum named value which uniquely identifies the property type.

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