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Back Extensible Sequence


A Back Extensible Sequence is an Extensible Sequence that supports amortized constant time insertion and removal operations at the end.

Refinement of

Extensible Sequence

Expression requirements

In addition to the requirements defined in Extensible Sequence, for any Back Extensible Sequence s the following must be met:

Expression Type Complexity
push_back<s,x>::type Back Extensible Sequence Amortized constant time
pop_back<s>::type Back Extensible Sequence Amortized constant time
back<s>::type Any type Amortized constant time

Expression semantics

The semantics of an expression are defined only where they differ from, or are not defined in Extensible Sequence.

Expression Semantics
push_back<s,x>::type Equivalent to insert<s,end<s>::type,x>::type; see push_back.
pop_back<v>::type Equivalent to erase<s,end<s>::type>::type; see pop_back.
back<s>::type The last element in the sequence; see back.


See also

Sequences, Extensible Sequence, Front Extensible Sequence, push_back, pop_back, back