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Random Access Iterator


A Random Access Iterator is a Bidirectional Iterator that provides constant-time guarantees on moving the iterator an arbitrary number of positions forward or backward and for measuring the distance to another iterator in the same sequence.

Refinement of

Bidirectional Iterator

Expression requirements

In addition to the requirements defined in Bidirectional Iterator, the following requirements must be met.

Expression Type Complexity
next<i>::type Random Access Iterator Amortized constant time
prior<i>::type Random Access Iterator Amortized constant time
i::category Integral Constant, convertible to random_access_iterator_tag Constant time
advance<i,n>::type Random Access Iterator Amortized constant time
distance<i,j>::type Integral Constant Amortized constant time

Expression semantics

typedef advance<i,n>::type j;
Semantics:See advance specification
typedef distance<i,j>::type n;
Semantics:See distance specification


For any random access iterators i and j the following invariants always hold:

See also

Iterators, Bidirectional Iterator, Random Access Sequence, advance, distance