Boost.Hana  1.0.2
Your standard library for metaprogramming
hash.hpp File Reference

Forward declares boost::hana::hash. More...


 Namespace containing everything in the library.


constexpr auto boost::hana::hash
 Returns a hana::type representing the compile-time hash of an object.Given an arbitrary object x, hana::hash returns a hana::type representing the hash of x. In normal programming, hashes are usually numerical values that can be used e.g. as indices in an array as part of the implementation of a hash table. In the context of metaprogramming, we are interested in type-level hashes instead. Thus, hana::hash must return a hana::type object instead of an integer. This hana::type must somehow summarize the object being hashed, but that summary may of course lose some information. More...

Detailed Description

Forward declares boost::hana::hash.