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This is the documentation for an old version of Boost. Click here to view this page for the latest version.


The first Boost.Process draft was created in 2006. A lof of people have worked on various drafts since then. Especially Merino Vidal, Ilya Sokolov and Felipe Tanus spent a lot of time working on early drafts. They influenced Boost.Process over the years and wrote code which, to various extents, is still around in the library today.

The design of earlier versions of Boost.Process was not always satisfying. In 2011 Jeff Flinn proposed the executor and initializer concepts Boost.Process is based on today. Without Jeff's idea the overall design of Boost.Process would not look like it does today.

A special thank you goes to Intra2net AG (especially Thomas Jarosch) who sponsored a project to support the development of Boost.Process. It was this sponsorship which made it possible to create a new Boost.Process version in 2012.

Great thanks also goes to Boris Schaeling, who despite having boost.process rejected, went on to work on it and maintained it up until this day and participated in the development of the current version.