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Class template default_step_adjuster



// In header: <boost/numeric/odeint/stepper/controlled_runge_kutta.hpp>

template<typename Value, typename Time> 
class default_step_adjuster {
  // types
  typedef Time  time_type; 
  typedef Value value_type;

  // construct/copy/destruct
  default_step_adjuster(const time_type = static_cast< time_type >(0));

  // public member functions
  time_type decrease_step(time_type, const value_type, const int) const;
  time_type increase_step(time_type, value_type, const int) const;
  bool check_step_size_limit(const time_type);
  time_type get_max_dt();


default_step_adjuster public construct/copy/destruct

  1. default_step_adjuster(const time_type max_dt = static_cast< time_type >(0));

default_step_adjuster public member functions

  1. time_type decrease_step(time_type dt, const value_type error, 
                            const int error_order) const;
  2. time_type increase_step(time_type dt, value_type error, 
                            const int stepper_order) const;
  3. bool check_step_size_limit(const time_type dt);
  4. time_type get_max_dt();