Boost.Hana  1.5.0
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lexicographical_compare.hpp File Reference

Forward declares boost::hana::lexicographical_compare. More...


 Namespace containing everything in the library.


constexpr auto boost::hana::lexicographical_compare
 Short-circuiting lexicographical comparison of two Iterables with an optional custom predicate, by default hana::less.Given two Iterables xs and ys and a binary predicate pred, lexicographical_compare returns whether xs is to be considered less than ys in a lexicographical ordering. Specifically, let's denote the linearizations of xs and ys by [x1, x2, ...] and [y1, y2, ...], respectively. If the first couple satisfying the predicate is of the form xi, yi, lexicographical_compare returns true. Otherwise, if the first couple to satisfy the predicate is of the form yi, xi, lexicographical_compare returns false. If no such couple can be found, lexicographical_compare returns whether xs has fewer elements than ys. More...

Detailed Description

Forward declares boost::hana::lexicographical_compare.