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//  Boost io_fwd.hpp header file  --------------------------------------------//

//  Copyright 2002 Daryle Walker.  Use, modification, and distribution are subject
//  to the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.  (See accompanying file
//  LICENSE_1_0.txt or a copy at <>.)

//  See <> for the library's home page.


#include <iosfwd>  // for std::char_traits (declaration)

namespace boost
namespace io

//  From <boost/io/ios_state.hpp>  -------------------------------------------//

class ios_flags_saver;
class ios_precision_saver;
class ios_width_saver;
class ios_base_all_saver;

template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_iostate_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_exception_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_tie_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_rdbuf_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_fill_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_locale_saver;
template < typename Ch, class Tr = ::std::char_traits<Ch> >
    class basic_ios_all_saver;

typedef basic_ios_iostate_saver<char>        ios_iostate_saver;
typedef basic_ios_iostate_saver<wchar_t>    wios_iostate_saver;
typedef basic_ios_exception_saver<char>      ios_exception_saver;
typedef basic_ios_exception_saver<wchar_t>  wios_exception_saver;
typedef basic_ios_tie_saver<char>            ios_tie_saver;
typedef basic_ios_tie_saver<wchar_t>        wios_tie_saver;
typedef basic_ios_rdbuf_saver<char>          ios_rdbuf_saver;
typedef basic_ios_rdbuf_saver<wchar_t>      wios_rdbuf_saver;
typedef basic_ios_fill_saver<char>           ios_fill_saver;
typedef basic_ios_fill_saver<wchar_t>       wios_fill_saver;
typedef basic_ios_locale_saver<char>         ios_locale_saver;
typedef basic_ios_locale_saver<wchar_t>     wios_locale_saver;
typedef basic_ios_all_saver<char>            ios_all_saver;
typedef basic_ios_all_saver<wchar_t>        wios_all_saver;

class ios_iword_saver;
class ios_pword_saver;
class ios_all_word_saver;

}  // namespace io
}  // namespace boost

#endif  // BOOST_IO_FWD_HPP