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Struct template bitwise_or

boost::mpi::bitwise_or — Compute the bitwise OR of two integral values.


// In header: <boost/mpi/operations.hpp>

template<typename T> 
struct bitwise_or {
  // types
  typedef T first_argument_type; 
  typedef T second_argument_type;
  typedef T result_type;         

  // public member functions
  T operator()(const T &, const T &) const;


This binary function object computes the bitwise OR of the two values it is given. When used with MPI and a type T that has an associated, built-in MPI data type, translates to MPI_BOR.

bitwise_or public member functions

  1. T operator()(const T & x, const T & y) const;


    the x | y.