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BOOST_CONTRACT_BASE_TYPES — Used to program the typedef that lists the bases of a derived class.


// In header: <boost/contract/base_types.hpp>



In order to support subcontracting, a derived class that specifies contracts for one or more overriding public functions must declare a typedef named base_types (or BOOST_CONTRACT_BASES_TYPEDEF) using this macro:

class u
    #define BASES public b, protected virtual w1, private w2
    : BASES
    friend class boost::contract:access;

    typedef BOOST_CONTRACT_BASE_TYPES(BASES) base_types;
    #undef BASES


This typedef must be public unless boost::contract::access is used.

See Also:

Base Classes



Comma separated list of base classes. Each base must explicitly specify its access specifier public, protected, or private, and also virtual when present (this not always required in C++ instead). There is a limit of about 20 maximum bases that can be listed (because of similar limits in Boost.MPL internally used by this library). This is a variadic macro parameter, on compilers that do not support variadic macros, the typedef for base classes can be programmed manually without using this macro (see No Macros).